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  • On Being Published
    A few months ago, I submitted one of my short stories to a journal that was looking for Australian speculative fiction. To my exteme delight, it was accepted. Last weekend, issue 5 of the Cicerone Journal was published and I hit a pretty awesome milestone. I’ve self-published a couple of picture books and a shortContinue reading “On Being Published”
  • Gideon the Ninth review
    In her debut novel, Gideon the Ninth, Tamsyn Muir vivifies a galaxy full of characters whose lives revolve around death. The eponymous Gideon Nav slouches through a rotting castle where necromancers scheme for unlimited power, skeletons wait on her and her peers, and where automatic doors and firearms are antiquated weapons compared to her bitchin’Continue reading “Gideon the Ninth review”
  • So, You’re Thinking About Buying Another Dictionary
    The keyword in this title is another. Most people who have kept the books they used in high school probably own a dictionary. All writers should, especially if they live outside of America—Australian spelling is different and Google doesn’t put applicable sites higher in their search.  So maybe you have a dictionary. Maybe you haveContinue reading “So, You’re Thinking About Buying Another Dictionary”
  • On Loving Novels
    There’s something extraordinarily precious about romance novels. Often they’re treated as less important—and I don’t have the motivation to get into why the genre most associated with a feminine audience isn’t as respected when it’s pretty obvious—but despite my love for science fiction, fantasy, experimental fiction, crime, classics, and pretty much every genre I’ve everContinue reading “On Loving Novels”
  • The Role of Cats in Writing
    As I sit here, Mufasa is curled up on his tower and Turbo has forced my laptop to become a one-knee-top because he has claimed the other one. Mufasa is audibly snoring. Turbo has the hiccups. I didn’t even know cats got the hiccups, but it’s so incredibly cute and so incredibly distracting. But it’sContinue reading “The Role of Cats in Writing”

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