Laura J Fitzwilson’s projects.

Here you can find more information on what Laura has been writing.

All My Tuesdays

Published by Cicerone Journal, “All My Tuesdays” is a fantasy short story set in rural Australia, about queer yearning.

View the story here.

Luna the Lamb

Written for my cousin and illustrated by my husband, Luna the Lamb is my second children’s picture book.

Neptune/ COVID-19 Dream Journal

A collective dream journal chronicling the strange dreams people have had during COVID-19.

Visit the site here.


This sci-fi video game was made as part of a class on digital writing.

Play as the new kid at school, where you’ll attempt to find friends or make enemies. You also happen to be able to read minds and can use this extra information however you like. But don’t get caught!

Play here!

Indie the Fire Fox

Written for my niece and illustrated by my husband, Indie the Fire Fox is my first children’s picture book.

FedPress Writing Contributions

Here are the contributions I have made to Federation University’s student-run magazine, FedPress.

Please note that these are published under my given name of Laura Wilson.

In October 2017, the non-fiction article The Number Four.

In April 2018, the first part of my short story Sleepover.

In July 2018, the second part of Sleepover.

In April 2021, the letter from the editor; Gideon the Ninth review; Studying in 2021. I was also the editor for this edition

FedPress Issue #17 October 2017
FedPress Issue #19 April 2018
FedPress Issue #20 July 2018
FedPress Issue #25 April 2021

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